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Third Party Liability Car Insurance


The course provides the learner with knowledge on the characteristics of the basic TPL car contract, on national and European legislation and on macroeconomic effects and impacts on the reference market.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Know the main characteristics of the TPL car contract

Target students

The course is aimed at employees and collaborators of the insurance sector.


7 hours and 30 minutes (Simulware parameter of 60 slides/hour)


The course is made up of one training module that contain the following learning units:


Module 1

  • Introduction and reference context (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The legislation (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The genesis and rationale of the legislation (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • European models (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • Introduction to the basic TPL car contract (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The characteristics of the basic contract (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The basic TPL car contract (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The management of disputes (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The obligations of insurance companies (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The differentiation with respect to the basic contract (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • Opportunities for the market: transparency effects (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • The macroeconomic effects (Video Lesson)
  • Intermediate test
  • Final summary (Video Lesson)
  • Final test

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