• Mobile Devices, healthy carriers of good education

    Mobile devices have become everyday tools, supporting and facilitating a series of common actions: finding the route in the car, consulting a recipe, making a multi-party call, learning a language or a procedure, obtaining information on events, chatting in a gr

  • Web and eLearning: 8 trends to be kept under control

    ued by Samsung CEO Boo-Keun Yoon: the trend that will lead the high-tech world in 2015 will be the internet of things. We are already talking about domotics, smart cities, and smart organisations: the effort now is toward an open platform, made of devices that cooperate among themselves and developers able to explore and exploit them freely. If it is premature to talk about company training opportunities, it is instead necessary to begin asking ourselves how this will change our knowledge, the orga

  • Safety training for executives

    d evaluation Risk classification The process of risk evaluation Regulations on work-related stress Stress, well-being and risk evaluation Emerging risks Interference risk in tender contracts Protection and prevention measures Individual protection devices Health surveillance Test Module 4 ‚Äď Employee communication, training and consultation The role of the executive Training information Company communication The advantages of effective communication Teamwork Conflict management Employee safety rep

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